Construction & Development Section

Osos Al Mashreg for Construction & Development is proud of being one of the national establishments that is working in the field of general contracting, the group has been working very hard to provide the best services to the country and to citizen, also desires to participate in the civilization movement, growth and urban progress that the country is recently witnesses. The company has a distinguished and specialize competences of engineers, experts, technician and consultants in addition to the high efficient administrative staff who can let it execute projects in all different fields using the best services and in the suitable time.


Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Section

Because of the of Osos Al Mashreg Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Section awareness of its rule in developing its experiences with its great care of technician and administrative standard, it brought the best technical and administrative experiences in this scope of work, it also selected to carry up its work with face depending on the advance harnessing technology and the most qualified and also exploiting its experience in order to ensure meeting all customers needs and providing the best services, solutions and proposals for the executing projects according to their needs without additional costs for them and in a very high level of quality.
Osos Al Mashreg Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Section is regarded one of the authorized distributors for one of the biggest international companies that manufactures air conditioners, some of these for example are : (Dikin Company, Treen, LG, American Standard, Yourk Al Zamil, Mitsubishi) the thing

Safety & Security Section

Working in the scope of fire fighting and early alarm against fire and equipments of safety and security whereas the supporting of the equipments must be according to the international qualifications for hospitals, commercial and administrative complexes, entertainments, accommodation, factories and warehouses, all that must be as per fire fighting nd early alarm system for every establishment which grant confidence and confirmation that Osos Al Mashreg for Safety and Security Equipments Systems is regarded one of the most world-wide, specialize and experience establishment in this scope, it is also distinguished of integration in the systems of fire fighting and early alarm in the field of design, support, maintenance, Installation and selecting the efficiency of system and supervision.

Real Estate Section

From generation to generation, from visions came beyond the prevailing traditional view and from previous experiences and expertise which refined real estate industries, Osos Al Mashreg for Real Estate has launched based on the development competencies and team work to reach professional real estate work in order to be one the biggest establishment in and outside Saudi Arabia.

Commercial Section

Osos Al Mashreg for Trading has worked hard since its incorporation in complying with local and international economical development which help to develop its trade and make it in the summit of competence and quality by the good and materials , it also gain confidence of the official and commercial authorities locally and internationally. So the company has incorporate strategic partners with hegemonic companies in different scopes.

Trash Trucks

The work of the foundations of the Orient containers hygiene on the transfer of solid waste and industrial waste and disposed of the best ways of civilization, providing customized cars crane to lift the waste through different capacities are compatible with all kinds of waste containers.

About Group


Osos Al Mashreg Group is a huge establishment that many of the establishments and companies that are pioneered ....

locally and internationally are very proud of it, it has a multi investments in different industrial, commercial and services fields. The man who started it was Haj Ali bin Hassan bin Abdullah Al Nemeir ( May God have his merci upon him ) specially in the field of commercial since 1815. It has been inherited generation after generation until Haj Ali bin Hassan bin Abdullah Al Nemer ( May God have his merci upon him ) established Al Hussain Est. in 1962, who took great advantages of his wide wisdom to do so. The Est. has grown very fast in variation of works and in its qualified technician and administrative employees. Haj Mohammed Ali bin Hassan bin Abdullah Al Nemer has established Osos Al Mashreg Group in 1997 depending on his profound vision the thing that enhanced the strategic development through achieving the vertical and horizontal integration to invest sections of human resources .
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Our Message

A continuous bid of all experience we owe and a renewable thinking to build a better future.

Our Vision

We realize that we live in the age of an economic blocs and coalitions there fore, we are looking forward build projects

and participate in the best investment chances in and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which gives the Group the momentum and continuity.
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Our Value

Integrity : We adhere the highest level of the business ethics and the professionalism origin

Excellence : We did our best endeavors to satisfy them through concentrating on quality element in our works and services.

Innovation : We innovate the local solutions that based on an international experiences.

Leadership : Developing markets to our products and promote our employees level and achieving benefits to shareholders through the best exploitation of money, resources and technologies which lead to the development of leadership concept in the company.

Society Service : We are aiming through our culture, concepts, environmental interests and our team work to establish our distinguish values through dealing with the society around us.

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Our Goals

  • To be the industry leader through the continuous efforts so as to be seen as the group of building and investing section in Gulf Area
  • Encouraging innovative thinking through developing new means and measures that comply with the investment solutions.
  • Enhancing our values through concentrating on creative values in the field of development and investment.
  • Promote the competitive and superiority features.
  • Providing investment solutions characterized by strategies with rewarding returns.
  • Continuous in providing high levels of services to our customers by using the most modern technique and always concentrating onthe comprehensive quality.
  • Expansion and the perpetual development to our works and putting n our consideration building long-term relation on the basis ofmutual respect and confidence.
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organizational structure

Often expands organizational structure with the passage of time and changing circumstances and goals, .....

so is designed organizational structure of the group founded Orient Holding clearly does not depend only on the size of our business, but on the size of the goals that we want to accomplish, with upgrading performance, Msndin everyone a limited role asparticular responsibility to complete tasks that promote the achievement of our goals and ensure greater interaction and coordination of efforts with high efficiency and effectiveness of the distinctive committed and Mtbakan for all comprehensive quality standards.


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Contact Us

P. O. Box 13906 Dammam 31414 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

99 19 834 13 966 +

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